Episode 2

Published on:

27th Apr 2020

Episode 2: The Wendy Sewell Murder – Stephen Downing

In the next episode of ‘True Crime Investigators UK’ we continue to investigate the murder in 1973 of Wendy Sewell in Bakewell Cemetery and the subsequent conviction of local teenager, Stephen Downing. In this podcast we resume our talk with Stephen about his life in prison and the events leading up to his appeal. His sister Chrissy, also tells us what it was like for the family when Stephen was convicted of a murder they didn’t believe he’d committed and how the subsequent years in prison affected them all.

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About the Podcast

True Crime Investigators UK
Join two retired police officers (John and Sally) as they review different 'True Crime' cases they are interested in. Some are solved, some are undetected...
Welcome to ‘True Crime Investigators UK’, a new ‘True Crime’ documentary podcast which will be looking at unsolved crimes, important criminal cases and delving further into the procedural process.

The show is presented and researched by two former police officers, John and Sally. Now they are both retired and after nearly 28 years of marriage together, they review cases of interest, some solved, some undetected. Throughout this series they will be discussing the cases they are reviewing and interviewing relevant parties including Police Officers, suspects, witnesses and experts.

So come with us on this journey, and let’s see where it takes us…